Vanquish-A Successful Shooter

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After reviewing the hilariously stupid game Ride to Hell, I chose to move on to Vanquish, a game at the other extreme that surprises in every positive way possible. Vanquish is the game that all the shooter games fans are eager to play. The game proudly delivers an experience at superlative.


The awesome third-person shooter video game was developed by PlatinumGames, published by Sega and released in October 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video game consoles. The game comes with several innovative ideas to the 3D shooter genre including original mechanics, beat ‘em up elements and a great style of the 2D shooters’ gameplay.


Many critics affirmed that Vanquish is one of the best Japanese shooters coming out in a long time. It puts you in the role of the Sam Gideon, a researcher for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) who helps develop high-tech power suits and power systems for the US. A space ship created by DARPA is taken over by a russian extremist group. Sam is tasked to test the suit and save the professor Ken D. You will have to fight against various russian robots. The visuals are spectacular. The environment is mind blowing. The music complements the action on screen. Also, the number of languages tracks available for the player is impressive: Italian, French Japanese and English.


The Vanquish is a very special kind of shooter. Although there are some familiar weapons and traditional mechanics, the beauty of this game is the maneuverability of Sam on the battlefield. He can boost around in breakneck speeds at the risk of overheating his suit. Sam can also use his suit to slow down time and pull off some fantastic shots. You can upgrade your weapons as you go. Upgrading a weapon improves its ammo capacity and the attacking power, as well. You will be controlling Sam on giant hills, moving trains, crumbling roads and more.


The game received generally positive reviews upon its release with critics praising the game’s everythings. It received a score of 10/10 on Thunderbolt, 8.5/10 on IGN, both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions of the game received 80% positive reviews on Metacritic. The game was a commercial success as well, selling 800,000 copies worldwide by the end of February 2011.



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