Upcoming Bollywood Movies

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Fact: Bollywood movies are more numerous than Hollywood does during one year. Actually, the Hindi cinema releases over one thousand movies during one year.

Indian love movies

Of course, we must count in the non-Indian speaking population as well, such as Central Asia, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Africa and others. But this doesn’t mean that Bollywood is richer. On the contrary, the Hollywood tickets are way more expensive than the other film industry, due to the cheap film released in Asia. Hoping that they will slowly get better and better, with every released film Bollywood gets more experienced and we can notice an increase in the number of people watching them. But there are some really awesome ones worth watching such as Asoka, Yaadon Ki Baaraat, Mission Kashmir, 3 Idiots, Sholay, Like Stars on Earth, A Wednesday, Queen Haideer, Udaan and many others.

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Five more Indian movies are waiting to see the light this year. They are as follows:

1. Golmaal 4

Golmaal 4 trailer de mubasharahmad

2. Dangal

3. I Love New Year

4. Tamasha

5. Size Zero- I must admit, this looks fun

6. Hate Story 3

7. Dilwale

Dilwale (2015) – Official Trailer – Shah Rukh… de rambo-intown

8. Deewani Mastani

Which one do you think will be your favorite? Which one doesn’t look interesting at all to you? Do you know any Bollywood film worth watching? If so, you are welcomed to post it in the comment section below!


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