Top 8 Steps to Becoming a Pro Gamer

Pro Gamer

Before you enter the world of GAMING– a luring place where people find excitement, entertainment and friends, you must learn their language- Gamer. It’s like going to a foreign country whose language you must know, or at least speak another international language. For more information about Gamer language click here.

Once you completed this step, you officially receive a VISA to the world of GAMING. Here comes the hard part. You must be familiar with their customs and traditions, otherwise you will be considered a n00b for the rest of your stay. And believe me, nobody wants to be a n00b. I will teach you know how to behave in their community. You must respect all the steps and stay open-minded throughout the whole process.

1. Choose your district (The Game). You must understand that you can’t change parties as you please IF you want to become a Pro Gamer. Finding a game that you not only enjoy but also you are good at and progressively become exceptional at, it’s a MUST. Once you do this, find the best gamers in that district and build your reputation as both a l33t single player and a l33t team player.

2. Find a family (A Team). Once people will consider you a serious competitor, they will ask you to join their families. If not, it’s your duty to find one. Don’t worry, there are communities where you can foster your own team. But DO NOT disregard the fact that the good majority of Pro Gamers are part of teams and communities; this is a sign that you should be, as well.

3. Study the ones who have reached success before you.  You will be amazed to see how easily you can discover their strategy after watching their replays over and over again. Repetition is the key to success, they say. Pro Gamers have been exercising their skills for years and it’s handy for you to just watch their advanced gameplay.

4. Practice. Practice. Practice. Watch, study and apply the best tactics and don’t be afraid to lose. Understand and accept that there are better gamers than you and losing against them is part of the perfectioning process.

5. Enter competitions. When you feel ready to compete in singles or with team, dare to enter tournaments. You can test your level in either online or local tournaments. Do it as much as you can. Fix your focus on the pro circuit level until you win at live events. This will not only bring you respect, but also money.

Pro Gamer

6. Get sponsors. Transform your ammature level into a legitimate job. Find a way to get sponsored. They will provide you with the necessary equipments to make use of in competitions. “Gaming isn’t just a hobby anymore, it’s a career path and a lifestyle for some people,” Gretsy said. “The dedication and the time put into playing is more than a 9-to-5 job with overtime.”

7. Keep Your Day Job. Take it as a piece of advice rather than a step. Better have a backup plan just in case things don’t go as you planned. I wouldn’t recommend you drop out of school or quit your current job. Make sure  the money you receive from gaming are enough to support you and pay your bills.

8. Practice. I know, I have already said that, but it’s very important., the MOST important of the eight steps.

Here’s a bonus one: HAVE FUN!

Do you have anything helpful to add? Feel free to post it in the comment section below!


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