Things You Need to Know About: FALLOUT 4

Fallout 4


Now that the Fallout 4 fever is starting to cool down, I want to share with you several important things you need to know about it. I discovered them while playing and I truly believe they will make a big difference in your gameplay if you take them into consideration.


  1. Save. Every time you remember this, save your progress. You never know what bug may occur and I can’t imagine anything more annoying than a game played in vain. I put this in the top of my list because I know how it is to lose a 3-4 hours of gameplay in a heartbeat.
  2. Apparel is an important factor that may influence your gameplay. There’s a fairly varied ways you can mix the clothing and depending on your choices, it will boost both various and armor stats. Need more space to carry things? Add more pockets to your clothes and your problem is solved!

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  1. RadAway / Rad-X medicine is vital! Radiation is now more common than in the previous games and that pesky red line on your health bar signalizes a high level of radiation and that your health is in danger. Don’t eat raw meat, provide yourself with radiation protection clothes and always have medicine in a pocket.  
  1. The most satisfying armor is not that essential in Fallout 4. What you can do with your power armor instead is to drop it off at one of your workshops and save it for later when you actually need it. Otherwise it will consume you out of energy and you will be compelled to drop the suit whenever you can’t carry it anymore.

Fallout 4 Wallpaper

  1. Always cook when you can and build mods. With every mission you have a chance to collect hundreds of new materials and raw meat which can be roasted or grilled !never eat it raw! So whenever you have a chance, make as many and various mods you can and cook! This will bring you some experience points!


Here’s a bonus one: Use a sci-fi or generic name. This will make talking to the robot way more fun! Is there any other ‘tip’ you know and want to share with us? Post it in the comment section below!


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