The Sequel Homefront: The Revolution

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We played the first Homefront game, now we are impatiently waiting for its sequel. Hoping that the next release will be longer this time, all we can say is that, the former was short but incredibly enjoyable and realistically designed. Unlike the Homefront, the latter upcoming release is in development by Dambuster Studios, published by Deep Silver and set for release in 2016 for Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


As we already know, the game’s premise created many controversies, but the developers are not discouraged yet. The events in Homefront: The Revolution are set two years after the events in the former game and four years after the occupation of the United States by the Greater Korean Republic (GKR), in 2019.


Following the Battle of San Francisco, the GKR has lost Hawaii and Alaska and they are now shifting their control to invade many of the eastern states. Philadelphia becomes the central base as well as a heavily oppressed environment. It’s your mission to bring peace among the American citizens who are living in fear. But until you get to do that, we don’t know any precise date when the game will be released. The expectations are high and all we can do is to hold our fingers crossed for a successful and enjoyable game.


Take a look at the trailer and let me know what you think: will the Korean leader pre-order a copy of the game or will he ban it?


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