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The Last Guardian is much awaited by gamers around the world. As the trailer has revealed, the game is about a little boy who has been kidnapped and now trying to escape from the ruins of a large castle. He encounters a giant, feathered creature named Trico, who is at first hostile toward the boy. Throughout of the game, the boy and Trico will develop a strong emotional attachment to each other. According to Ueda, the creature’s name means “prisoner”, “baby bird” or a combination between a “bird” and “cat”.


In the beginning of the game, Trico has spears and arrows in his back and it is bound by a chain. Later, when it is freed, Trico attacks a soldier. The game developer suggested there may appear other creatures in the game, but he didn’t confirm it.


The action-adventure game is in development by genDESIGN, published by Sony Computer Entertainment and scheduled for release in 2016. The game was initially planned for release exclusively for the PlayStation 3 video game console, but it suffered from numerous complications and delays, the hardware difficulties being the reason that forced the game to be transmitted to the PlayStation 4 platform in 2012. But if we compare the graphics of the trailer released in 2009 for the PS3 and the one released in 2015, we can easily notice a big time improvement in the game’s design.


In the following moments, I invite you to watch both the former and the latter trailers together:

I personally am impressed with this game’s evolution, it promises an epic experience that I don’t wanna miss!


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