The Good Dinosaur- Critical Opinions

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The Good Dinosaur is in the tethers for a few days now and “it’s raining with a chance of reviews”. Everybody shares their opinions on it and we can notice that they are extreme: very positive or very negative. Of course, both of these types belong to adults, when the computer-animated film is undoubtedly destined to kids. All the kids that I asked for an opinion told me that they loved it! Now let’s see what adults say about it:
On Rotten Tomatoes, The Good Dinosaur has overtaken The Mockingjay Part 2 by 5%, with 76% positive critics.
Mike Smith of commented “From the PIXAR division of Disney, “The Good Dinosaur” is a visual treat for the eyes.”, in comparison with Jim Lane’s of opinion who affirmed that the film is “An unrelieved disaster.”


While Alonso Díaz de la Vega of consideres that “The Good Dinosaur might be oriented to a child audience, but it never stops itself from showing us much more adult notions.”, Ken Hanke of believes that “If you’re old enough to read this, you’re probably too old for the very thin story being told in Pixar’s latest.”


Now it’s up to you if you choose to go watch it, or save the money for something more serious… like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, maybe.


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