The Boy- The Ultimate Nightmare

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The Boy is sweet, The Boy is quiet, he is good and he is agile. But only with several conditions: Feed him, never let him alone, never cover his eyes, kiss him goodnight, clean the traps, save his meals in the freezer, don’t accept any guests any a few more. Otherwise, he will transform into your worst nightmare.The boy is the family’s most precious member. He is a life-size porcelain doll but they treat him as a real person. Greta is a young American woman who takes the job as a nanny and she has to take care of the child while the parents are away. You can imagine that things won’t go very well as she chooses to ignore most of the pre-established rules.

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Previously know as The Inhabitant, the upcoming American horror film The Boy was directed by William Brent Bell, written by Stacey Menear and it’s scheduled for release on the January 22, 2016. It stars Lauren Cohan in the main role. As seen in the trailer, The Boy is a compelling movie hopefully this one will save the horror movies reputation for the annoying ending.
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