Son of Saul- A Disturbing Memoir

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Son of Saul successfully, yet disturbingly, depicts the horrific events that took place during the Holocaust. As a person who loves history, I will always choose to watch a historical film over a fictional one. Why? Because it’s important to know and understand the world we live in, to take it warts and all. Son of Saul shows us, as many other films do, a glimpse of the terror that defined the ‘40s.

A photo taken 27 May 1944 in Oswiecim, s

Set in the year 1944, in Auschwitz, the film tells us the story of Saul Ausländer, a Hungarian-Jewish prisoner tasked with burning the dead. One day, the Sonderkommando member (the title for this position), finds the body of a boy meant for the caldron. He then decides to take and hide the body, and with the help from a rabbi. they plan a clandestine and proper burial. Things get complicated, threatening to destroy the prisoner’s plan who doesn’t seem to let them get in the way.

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Several things make this film more appealing to cinefilles. The three foreign languages featured (German, Hungarian and Yiddish- a combination between German and Hebrew, spoken by 3 million people all over the world) stand out in the crowd of English-language movies, transposing us more efficiently in the movie’s atmosphere. Then we have the impeccable acting which adds tension to the drama, and last, but not least, the prizes won following the film’s former release in 15 May 2015, during the 68th Cannes Film Festival. It is set to kick in the cinemas worldwidely on the 18th of December, this year.

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