Skylanders Double Trouble Whirlwind Drill Sergeant


Isn’t Skylanders Double Trouble Whirlwind Drill Sergeant the weirdest game you have ever played? To me, the game is a joke. A not very funny one and I must say it, Whirlwind, Double Trouble and Drill Sergeant sound like they need to go to the bathroom while fighting.


The oriental soundtrack oddly matches the action of the game and the looks will give you a headache soon after you started to play due to its strongly coloured everythings. But hey, this is my honest opinion which may differ from yours so give it a go! In this case, you may wanna know a few things about your characters. They all fight to take back Skylands. Whirlwind is half dragon and half unicorn, Drill Sergeant is a powerful drilling machine and Double Trouble can cast deadly spells. The game is suitable for Skylanders fans aged seven and up.


A brave and generous (when it comes to time) person tried the game for a few minutes and shared his experience with us. Here’s his gameplay:

Has he lured you to get this game already? Let us know your experience with this game and please, do contradict me if you think I am wrong.


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