Second Thoughts on Carmageddon

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A few weeks ago I wrote about the game Carmageddon from a neutral perspective, quoting others and highlighting the controversies that came following its former release in 1997. You see, gamers play anything. They play the most appreciated games because they want to know what’s so special about them, and, at the same time, they play the lowest rated ones so they can write a satirical review; and from many other reasons, as well.
It is known that people spend way too much time in front of a gaming devices of any kind. I dare to say and you may contradict me, but it’s a waste of time. The problem of this generation is that we don’t know and nobody teaches us how to be selective. If we had this elementary discernment, if we started using our brains detecting what is useful for our personal development instead of wasting precious gray matter, well… you can think for yourself how dramatically things would change.
Let me tell you a fact. Games developers don’t give a damn on your failures and who you are and what are your goals in real life. They only care about you enjoying a virtual life and they close their eyes when their products negatively influence people’s lives. I am not trying to impose my personal opinion, but make you see it with your own eyes. If you are a hard core gamer, think or imagine how things would be if you stopped spending more time in the games’ worlds than in the real, palpable world. And I know it needs determination, and it needs motivation and I know that results may delay to show up, but never forget the reason you have started in the beginning. Go out, explore and save the games for when you have seen everything what’s out there to be seen!
Now, going back to my premise. Carmageddon it’s another silly game that promotes and encourages violence and aggressive behaviour. Of course, it’s not only this game, but all the action-oriented games. There are studies on this subject accessible to anyone. In Carmageddon you get points for smashing and killing people and cows.


The developers proudly named the in-game cars “killing machines”. Am I missing something, or when did the abnormal and terror became so enjoyable and utterly normal?
My advice to you is to sort very carefully the things, games in this case, that you choose to spend your time with. They can affect you, your life and your relatives and close friends’ lives. It’s all up to you now.


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