Remember Me PC

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Remember Me PC

We might not be aware of it, but our lives are similar to Remember Me game’s storyline: a corporation has invented the Sensation Engine, a new brain implant that uploads and shares on the internet 99% of the population’s memories. The only difference is that, in real life, we upload and share our personal information and memories with our own consent unlike the game where the citizens’ brains are controlled directly by The Memorize, giving them almost absolute .
Remember Me
The action of the game takes place in the Neo-Paris 2084. Sensen is able to delete unhappy or unpleasant memories. You will take on the role of Nilin, a former elite memory hunter in her attempt of regaining her wiped clean memory. She escapes from prison and with her ability of breaking into people’s brains, she will steal and alter their memories to accomplish her plan. Of course, as in any epic game that portraits the wrong things in the society, there is a group or rebels that do not agree and submit to their theories, and are called “Errorists”. They will do all it takes in order to bring down Memorize.
Another obstacle in their way are the Leapers: memory-addicted humans who fed themselves with so many memories that they have mutated into an inferior creatures, living in the sewers of the city. The game focuses more on melee combat and it’s played from a third person perspective. New mechanics such as memory ‘remixing’ and stealing have been introduced in the game. When you are low on health, the screen glitches until your condition is rehabilitated. The fun part comes when you customize your own combat movements in the Combo Lab before a fight. There are 50,000 possible combination of fighting moves that are called Pressens. When you perform a finishing move, a slow motion feature is activated for a cinematic effect.
Remember Me
The action-adventure video game was developed by Dontnod Entertainment, published by Capcom and released in June 2013. Upon its release, the game received mostly positive reviews. PC Master of Greece commented “It’s one of the games that got me excited because its story is intertwined with the gameplay and with a philosophical view on our reality. Highly suggested for people that enjoy stories in any form.”


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