Reactions to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has recently kicked in the cinemas, fireworks lightened up the sky, people stepped on each other’s feet in order to get a spot in the theaters, others even died in that chaos… umm, no, it wasn’t like that. Actually it was nothing like that. Of course, we still can feel the film’s fever, but the suffocating campaign has stolen a bit of the appeal that The Force Awakens had created with the first trailer which has gathered nothing less than 73 million views. What’s critics’ opinion about this film? Let’s find out!

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian affirmed: “The Force Awakens re-awoke my love of the first movie and turned my inner fanboy into my outer fanboy. There are very few films which leave me facially exhausted after grinning for 135 minutes, but this is one. And when Han Solo and Chewie come on, I had a feeling in the cinema I haven’t had since I was 16: not knowing whether to burst into tears or into applause.” [Read the review here.]

The force Awakens

Christopher Hooton began his review saying “It’s strange sitting down to watch a film that is certainly going to be the biggest of all time, a pending box office record Star Wars: The Force Awakens could potentially hold forever, at least in the traditional sense, if filmed content continues to coalesce and virtual reality, gaming and other unknowable future technologies continue to advance toward art at such a rate.” [Read the review here]

The Force Awakens Wallpaper

The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin describes the film as “Fun, fresh-faced leads; a terrifying, three-dimensional villain; a lightsaber battle for the ages. Fear not, Star Wars fans: JJ Abrams has made the sequel of your dreams” [Read the review here]

The Force Awakens Wallpaper

The Time critic Kate Muir said “Phew! The Force is resoundingly with JJ Abrams’s cracking reboot of Star Wars. This seventh movie is a humongous piece of cinema — all that a sequel should be and more: a nostalgic homage to the 1977 original, coupled with intergalactic, warp-speed, panoramic blockbuster action, and a new heroine in the form of Daisy Ridley’s Rey.” [Read the review here]

The Force Awakens Wallpaper

Variety’s Justin Chang wasn’t very impressed with the film commenting “derivative story that, despite the presence of two appealing new stars, doesn’t exactly fire the imagination…Marvellous as it is to catch up with Han Solo, Leia and the rest of the gang, fan service takes priority here”. [Read the review here]

On IMDb, Star Wars: The Force Awakens holds a score of 9.0/10.


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