Quantum Break

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Quantum Break is an upcoming game developed by Remedy Studios which managed to create a game that looks beyond awesome just from a trailer and a couple of gameplays that they have shown at gamescom, and oh boy, this game is way much better that I have expected. If you want to be amongst the first people that play this game, then make sure that you are downloading it from a free Xbox 360 games torrents websites as soon as it will be available, because I’m getting mine from there, like most of the games that I have for my Xbox 360 game console.


The game tells the story of three friends that developed special abilities that involve time manipulation when they were trying but failed to do a time travel experiment. One of them, Paul Serene, aged 17 years and he has turned against the other two, he has the ability of seeing the future so he is trying to change the present however he wants so that he can make the future that he wants. The failed experiment has also caused the time to literally break down.


Quantum Break’s antagonists are Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder and they are trying to stop Serene. You will be playing as Jack and your main ability will be to stop the time, and by doing that you will avoid being killed by Serene’s agents that work for his evil corporation, Monarch Solutions. The game has modern physics theorems that were implemented so that the game would have some authenticity and Remedy did that by collaborating with a CERN scientist.


The game also has real actors that play the role of both the protagonists and antagonists and after you complete a game’s chapter you will have to watch a in game video series that is more like a TV show rather than a cutscene. For example Jack Joyce is being played by Shawn Ashmore which you may recognise from the X-Men, his brother William is played by Dominic Monaghan who is Charlie from the TV Series LOST and the antagonist is portrayed by no other than Littlefinger or Aidan GIlligan from the well known and beloved TV show Game of Thrones. While you are playing as the main hero, the game’s show is telling the story of the opposite side and you will see the motives behind Serene’s choices.

I can’t wait for this game to be released, it was supposed to be released later this year but the producers have postponed the date in order to be sure that this game runs smoothly and the official release date is April 5th, 2016. So make sure that you are going to be among the first one who play this game and download it from our free games torrents website!


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