Prismatic Solid- Isn’t That Solid

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Oh my eyes, what is this hullabaloo that I have just watched? Before I start talking about the game Prismatic Solid, take a look at the trailer:

Can any person on this Earth play this game for more than 5 minutes? And that unbelievably annoying music I’d rather use it as a torture method. More than that, I don’t quite understand what do I have to do in this game. Practically, do I have to shoot anything that gets in my way? Pretty silly I’d say, isn’t it? Ok, I control the small green origami airplane, but what are those intergalactic colorful worms coming out of it?


Prismatic Solid is an upcoming indie rail shooter created by an independent developer and is scheduled for release on 29 September, 2015 for $9,99, but take my advice and don’t waste your money.
The game is rated 3+ but I would not recommend it to anyone, not even to my five-years-old neighbour.


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