Point Break- Remake

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The Christmas Day comes with many surprises for all the picture-goers, with much awaited films such as Point Break, JOY, Daddy’s Home, The Revenant and The Hateful Eight. I wrote about JOY and The Revenant in other articles that you can read by only clicking the titles. About Point Break I can’t give any premature opinion as I gave to the other films. Point Break has created two sides: the pro side, and the contra. I’m somewhere between these two, the comma. As you probably know, the upcoming game is a remake of Point Break 1991 which gathered many fans at that time. The bigger contra majority affirms that the former version was good enough and it didn’t need a remake. Below, you can watch the both movie trailers and decide if it’s worth watching the same film again, but with different actors. When I first saw the upcoming movie’s trailer, I found it similar with the “People Are Awesome” Youtube videos, but this time, with a suplimentar purpose apart from the one concerning adrenaline.


What’s your opinion upon the upcoming film? Do you think it has any chance of success, or at least to gross more than the budget of $110 million?


Point Break 1991


Point Break 2015


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