Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Xbox 360

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Your garden has never been more colorful and full of action as it is now in the hilarious game, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Believe me I am a gardener… since I started to play this game. Of course, you are used to seeing beautiful multicolor flowers, zombies, insects in your garden…wait what? Zombies invaded your garden and started a fight with the plants!
It’s your choice to control either the plants or the zombies from a third-person perspective in a mind blowing Plants vs. Zombies world. The game features both single and multiplayer modes that will take you and your friends into a cooperative and competitive environment. The multiplayer third-person shooter video game was developed by PopCap Games, published by Electronic Arts and released for Xbox 360 in February 2014.
I bet you will have fun digging into the trenches with an unique action experience. You have the possibility of controlling varied characters such as a plumber, a foot soldier, a scientist, a sanitation expert, landscaper and many others. You can customize your character in terms of appearance, abilities and gestures. The colourful characters and environment will both creep you out and amuse you.

The game features a three different modified versions of the competitive modes.
Welcome Mat is the playlist aimed towards new players consisting of Team Vanquish and has one map. Garden Ops is a cooperative mode where you can invite three more friends and take control of the plants fighting against ten zombies waves with two boss fights represented by a slot machine. In Gardens and Graveyards you either capture or defend carious objectives. It is said to be a parody of the Conquest and Rush modes from the Battlefield series and I must say, it is hilarious.
Along with many other modes, the game received mostly positive reviews from both users and critics. Digitally Downloaded gave the Xbox 360 version of the game a favorable review, commenting “The real appeal of the game is in its presentation. The music is light and bouncy, the visuals are bright and colorful, and there’s plenty of humour in the way units animate. I can’t describe in enough detail just how happy it makes me to finally have a full-featured shooter game that is bright and pleasant; though I have no particular problem with serious and grim shooters, it’s nice to have an option for when I’m in the mood for something happier.”


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