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If you own a phone, which is undoubtedly nowadays, you experienced AT LEAST once the eagerness of having a fun game to play on it while waiting. Different circumstances dragged you in that frustrating, if you allow me to say, situation, when playing games seemed to be the best choice The options are endless. From strategy and action gamers, to brain provoking and intelligence developing apps, you have them all handy in your device. Below you have my personal top of apps and games I play in order to kill some time. Please feel free to share with us your favourites in the comment section below. You never know when you save a person from neverending waiting.

1. Elevate. I started with this app for brain training because it is incredibly awesome. Either you are a native speaker of English or not, this app will help you improve your vocabulary and grammar. Either you are a passionate mathematician or not, Elevate will teach you to calculate percentages in no time. Either you are a fast reading reading or not, this app will transform you into a master reader. It really does its job.


2. Star Wars: Uprising is the next chapter in Star Wars, phone edition and it’s amazing. There’s no need for me to express my choice, because all the reviews for this game prove the quality of the gameplay. But here’s my advice for you: don’t try to update it. It won’t work.

Star Wars: Uprisin

3. Clash of Clans. This epic combat strategy games will train you into being the best
village builder, troops commander and fighter. New updates available!

4. Alphabear. It’s the game which gives you adorable bears for the words spelled correctly. What’s better than a brain training app? A brain training GAME! You will have plenty of fun with this one!


5. Perfect Kick. They say it’s the best game of Google 2015, highly detailed and free! Is there anything else you wish for? That’s what I thought!

Perfect Kick


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