More VR Games From EA?

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We start our week with fiery news for gamers all over the world. EA seems to have big plans regarding the virtual reality games as DICE has recently started to hire creative, fresh minds to help them build up new concepts which will eventually support EA’s ubiquitous game engine, Frostbite. BUT don’t have too big expectations from these innovative engineers just yet.


It will take a while until they go all-in on immersive displays. We hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, the technical director Johan Andersson, that the team is “small and collaborative”. Despite his words, this may easily be considered a big step toward a rain of VR games into the mainstream. Of course, we can find VR featured by important game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity, but no one compare to EA’s biggest franchises. A VR Battlefield ot sports titles is what could give the technology broader recognition, so it’s more than welcomed, I’d say. What’s your opinion on this?


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