Mockingjay Part 2- Honest Review

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I saw the movie yesterday. I wish I could like it more, but I was rather disappointed. I was confused a couple of times, I could predict it as its director himself was sitting next to me whispering to my ear what’s going to happen, without me asking him to do it. This was really frustrating. I said that I was confused because, like The Scorch Trials, the film included cheap horror effects when the so called ‘mutants’ appeared and scared the poor children in the cinema. Not the mention that “Twilight”-ish ending. With a bit of sparkle on their skin and the spectators would have started splashing tomatoes on the screen.


The movie also features several plot twists. A surprising one when we find out that Snow isn’t the bad guy (which I was glad because he was looking like a patient, kind grandpa… yeah, he was) and other vexing ones. Katniss decides to go kill Snow and in two minutes after talking to Peeta some bitter-sweet stuff, she changes her mind. Oh, why? I wish I saw the brave Mockingjay making her way to the capitol and confronting Snow all alone. Prim dies, as you probably know. I felt pity for her, she was so helpless. The bombs sent by Coin killed her, resulting that Coin is the baddie. Bad girl, Coin, bad girl! She also came with the idea of continuing The Hunger Games. Ha! Pedestrian.


You will meet some new, short-time living guys who seem to know everything about what’s actually happening, apart from Katniss. On their way to the Capitol, where Peeta is “indispensable”, he tries to kill Katniss. Again. He feels like a threat, the same feeling that Kat had in the previous movie. But of course, nobody does anything about it, but immobilize him with a pair of cuffs. During the whole film, Peeta looks like an unsure of the reality he was living. In other words, he was constantly asking Katniss to poke him to make sure that he’s not imagining.

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I remember one scene when the spectators I was in the cinema with have started laughing for how idiotic it was. Katniss kisses Gale, Gale asks her what’s in her head, she says that she doesn’t know, to which Gale concludes “It’s like kissing a drunk man. It doesn’t count.” Katniss, you drunk nuisance!

One more thing before I end this article. Was the 3D version really necessary? The movie didn’t feature any special scene worth making me dislocate my vision for 2 freaking hours.


What is your opinion upon the recently released movie? Are you happy with what you have seen? What’s your favourite part? What’s your least favourite part? Post your answers in the comment section below.


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