Mistakes of Edge of Tomorrow


Well, well… Who is responsible for these geographical errors in Edge of Tomorrow? Whoever you are, you’ve got a -F. Sit down. Unless you intended to offer fictional information, which I doubt.
Either you like it or not, Slovenia you have to share your capital, Ljubljana with Croatia, according to in-movie map. Or you can give up on it and offer it to Croatia as a present. It’s on its territory now.


So what if Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is misplaced? At least they don’t have to share it with Romania and it’s still in Hungary, right?
The capital of Switzerland is Bern since 1848, but in order to be not confused with Berlin, Germany’s capital, they labeled Zurich as Switzerland’s capital. I know, it doesn’t make any sense, but let it go…
If Tom Cruise’s wife were on the shooting stage she would have noticed Cage’s (starring Cruise) unbuttoned shirt. But she wasn’t, as you can clearly see in many scenes. Below you have a video with 14 mistakes of the movie. Have you spotted others besides these? Let us know in the comment section below.


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