Jessica Jones- Season 2!

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Peeps all over the world who love the MARVELous Jessica Jones, welcome! Jessica Jones TV series threatened us from the first episode that our nights out on Fridays are over. More or less sceptic, we agreed to test its luring power and thirteen weeks later we found ourselves at home with big buckets of ice cream and popcorn in our lap waiting for the last episode of the former season to surprise us as all the previous episodes did.


The show is thought to be the best depiction we’ve seen of a female character we’ve seen yet; she was fantastically cast, I assume this role will do wonders for her career because I personally wanna see her on screens again. If you allow me to say, Krysten Ritter is as important for this show as Charlie Cox is for Daredevil. One thing that I appreciate about this show is that it portraits different types of woman which is very interesting for a psychological approach.

Jessica Jones is by far one of the awesomest shows on Netflix with House of Cards coming on the first place. With all the attention both J.J. and Daredevil received, Netflix will become the home to Marvel television primarily. The second season of J.J. has brought already a bit of discussion about whether it will happen or not. Netflix seems to have a little bit of a problem with scheduling shows. Although there’s no exact date for the latter season to be released, gives us hopes regarding a possible release saying “It probably won’t take very long for Marvel and Netflix to announce Jessica Jones season 2. The first season of Jessica Jones on Netflix was such a resounding critical success that it’s probably just a matter of getting that press release written at this point.”


What are your expectation from the seconds season? Which were your favourite and least favourite parts of the first season?


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