Ice Age 5 Collision Course

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AAAAAAAA! I just found out that Ice Age 5 is on the way and I am so excited! I know, I know, it’s seven months away but this won’t discourage me! Until its release, on 22 July, 2016, you have this short-movie with Scrat in the main role trying to hide his precious nut, fact that leads to the creation of the Solar System. In the full-length computer-animated film, Manny, the malamute, and the rest of the herd is forced to leave their homes behind and move to an exotic place due to the Scrat’s obsession for nuts. The spiritual leader of this place is Shangri Llama whom you will meet when the official trailer will be released. No wonder the short film is called Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe. Nuts drive Scrat nuts. You have it below if you want to give it a go.

Crazy Scrat

In the comment section let me know your expectations from the upcoming Ice Age 5, who do you think will be the funniest character and whom do you want to see in it from the previous films.
Stay tune for further details and information.


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