Homefront- The American Shooter

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Homefront is one of those games that takes reality to its maximum level. The premise of the game is based on the US’s invasion by the Korean army and it’s both interesting and emotional in the same time. Although the game features some issues such as pretty dumb AI characters, slow movement of the protagonist and a very short single-player campaign, it delivers an intense contemporary war experience.


The first-person shooter video game was developed by Kaos Studios, published by THQ and released in 2011 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game is set in the Western United States and tells the story of the resistance movement fighting against the Korean occupation.


The single-player contains already known elements found in many shooter video games such as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty and despite its 5 to 10 hours gameplay, it will make you yell “Get out of my country!”. The multiplayer mode is focused on large-scale and vehicle-based combat. In order to increase their amount of kills, purchase weapons such as weapons, missiles, drones and helicopters and tanks, the players have to complete some objectives that will bring them points.


The game has created controversies concerning the tensions on the Korean peninsula with THQ affirming that “Homefront is a work of speculative fiction, set in the year 2027. Recent real-world events on the Korean peninsula are obviously tragic and, like everyone, we hope for a swift and peaceful resolution.” The Japanese version censored the references to North Korea and the leader Kim Jong-il, there being replaced with “ A Certain Country to the North” and the “Northern Leader”, respectively.


Of course, the game received mixed reviews upon its release with a score of 3.5/5 on Metacritic, 7/10 on IGN and 6/10 on Steam. Alvaro Castellano of 3D Juegos scored the game 8.6/10 saying “Maybe the tasks are familiar, but the gritty concept of the game and its great multiplayer experience makes Kaos Studio’s battlefield a great one. Fans of team-based online shooters will want to spend a lot of time on Homefront”… well, they won’t. But at least it will be a great and realistic experience, so I’d suggest that you give it a try.



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