Highest-Grossing Movies Adjusted for Inflation


To make it clear for everybody, several decades ago, the tickets cost maximum two dollars each, so if it’s to compare the movies’ gross from those times with nowadays’ movies’, it’s technically impossible. In the meantime, the prices had risen at different rates, making the comparison even more difficult to be realised. You will see different tops all over the internet, but I’d say that the following one is the most accurate.

1. Gone with the Wind


Undoubtedly, the movie was a huge success. Based on the eponymous book, the classic movie will never stop gathering fans. Released in 1939, adjusted to inflation, the movie grossed $3,440,000,000.

2. Avatar


A controversial movie with an original idea, the main reasons that led to a successful movie with fans all over the world. Released in 2009, the movie grossed $3,020,000,000.

3. Star Wars


They say Star Wars will never be old fashion. While we are waiting for its next release on 18 December, 2015, let us remember the first movie in the series. Released in 1977, the film grossed $2,825,000,000.

4. Titanic


The most emotional love story ever, Titanic will forever remind us about the cruel tragedy that took the lives of 1,517 women, men and children. Released in 1997, the film grossed $2,516,000,000.

5. The Sound of Music


It’s a 1965 successful American musical drama film that grossed $2,366,000,000.


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