Helldivers PS 4

Helldivers PS 4

    Helldivers has no mercy when it comes to combat. You will face the cruel death when your tactical and co-op skills are not enough against the cunning enemies. The Super Earth is closer to collapse since the managed democracy has  stumped the lines between military and government rules.  Three alien enemy races attacked the earth and it’s your mission to protect it. You will be part of the Helldivers, a pure combat unit. Download PS 4 game torrent and enter the dystopian futuristic world that is on the brink of failure.

    The game features both single-player and up to four player co-op modes and it’s a top-down shooter. Either you want to improve your teamwork capacity or test it, Helldivers invites you to become the Hero of the Federation. Communication is essential and even vital most of the times. Cover your teammates, operate weapons and gear wisely, do everything it takes in order to win the war. In case you need reinforcements, all you have to do is to send up distress signals to your friends who can join and help you through the action any time. A maximum of four players can play together online or locally.
    In order to win, you must fight and sneak through enemy territory, complete missions and call a dropship to take you off the planet. But of course, to achieve that performance you must learn to coordinate your actions and avoid the friendly casualties, which, in my opinion are the fan part of the game.  
The top-down shoot ‘em up game was developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, published by Sony Computer Entertainment and recently released in March, 2015 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Helldivers received mostly positive reviews and scores upon its release with IGN awarding it 9/10 stating “Brutal, focused, and mechanically rich, Helldivers is one of the best co-op action experiences you can have.” Gamecritics shares the same positive opinion saying “While it may not look like much on the surface, Helldivers has a hell of a lot going on once players dig in, and being a disposable interstellar trooper raiding death planets has never been more perfectly captured than it is here.”


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