Hellblades-The Game That Will Test Your Mental Health

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“This darkness is a disease, a rot that takes hold and spreads to every part of me… and I fear I will follow into your footsteps. I’m alone and scared…” Hellblade looks phenomenal. The trailer introduces us to the Celtic Warrior Senua, the protagonist of this game who the player will control. Together, you will go on a journey to hell, not a physical one, but the hell created by her mental illness.


As a player, you will be part of Senua’s real nightmare that will experience hallucinations, delusions, anxiety and depression. The game is dark and twisted, a gloomy epic adventure that will test your mental health. Take a glance at the trailer and decide for yourself if you are mentally prepared for such a disturbing experience.

The game was developed and published by a small team of 15 creative people from Ninja Theory independent video game developer, it’s powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and scheduled for released in 2016. We will come back with more details as soon as we find out more details.



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