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GTA V is the last game released in the GTA series and the most anticipated, earning $800 million in the first 24 hours and $1 billion in the first three days, breaking industry sales records and becoming the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. GTA V was highly praised for its multiple protagonist design, gameplay, open word and presentation.


The best-selling video game of all time delivers a great and suspenseful experience but if you could make it more suspenseful and interesting, would you do it? I totally would, that’s why I’ll share with you some of the cheats that add a drop of adrenaline to the regular gameplay. How many times have you answered the question “If you could choose a superpower what would that be?”. Now you can have more than one superpower by taping the following codes and pressing ENTER in order to activate them. In the column A you can see the code, and in the column B, the result.

A.                                                              B.
Invincibility                                               painkiller
PCJ-600                                                     rocket
Maximum health and armor                      turtle
Parachute                                                   skydive
Lower wanted level                                   lawyerup
Limo                                                          vinewood
Raise wanted level                                     fugitive
Comet                                                         comet
Recharge ability instantly                           powerup
Buzzard attack helicopter                           buzzoff
Faster running                                            catchme
BMX bike                                                   bandit
Flaming bullets                                           highex
Change weather                                          makeitrain
Explosive melee attacks                             hothands
Low gravity                                                floater
Slow-motion mode                                     slowmo
Slippery cars                                               snowday
Slow-motion aiming                                   deadeye
Drunk mode                                                liquor
Skyfall                                                         skyfall



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