Gravity Rush- Remastered

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on stage and in your homes the much awaited, Gravity Rush for PS4, the brother of the well known Gravity Rush family! The highly acclaimed game will kick in the stores on the ninth of February 2016. Unfortunately, the good news don’t last long for the non-north american gamers, as the PlayStation version of the game will be available there, exclusively.

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If you own a PlayStation 4 and you have no idea what is this game about, here is what you need to know: The action of the game is set in the floating city of Hekseville, divided into four districts Auldnoir, Pleajeune, Endestria and Vendecentre. You will control a girl called Kat who lacks memory. She has the ability of turning into a cat, which also gives her power over gravity. She will use this abilities against the Nevi monsters and the gravity storm that has created them.


The game has a special design, very different and attractive, and an action movie-like soundtrack. The scores that Gravity Rush already holds on different websites, assure an inevitable success of the upcoming version. On Gamereactor and Digital Spy the game received a maximum score of 10/10 and 5/5 stars, respectively, 9/10 on PSM3, OPM, and Eurogamer. Mark Langshaw of Digital Spy commented “Gravity Rush is one of the most impressive titles to land on the Vita to date. It’s rare to see a project with such lofty ambitions executed so well. The bold new mechanics are complemented by an engaging story, striking visuals and atmospheric soundtrack.”




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