Game of Thrones- The Most Successful TV series


For some, the books are daily food. The chance of traveling in time, in space and out of this Universe is the fuel for a vivid soul. While reading, you can be whoever you want, you can be whatever age you want, you can be everything and nothing at the same time. Because our human condition limits us to our body and space, people seek for a way to get over this barrier. This is the best part of reading: you can do it over and over again. While in real life you can’t experience the same event twice, reading allows you to do it. Imagine what an immense Universe comes into being in your mind when reading.


Although many said they have been disappointed by the big majority of movies based on books, this wasn’t the case for Game Of Thrones. The American fantasy drama television series is highly praised and enjoyed by both movie critics and viewers. Game of Thrones delivers the identical atmosphere that the books deliver, so what can be more satisfying for a reader than watching their imagination on screens?


The success of the series is underlined by the multitude of awards received: 26 Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Award nominations, AFI Awards, Peabody Award, Satellite Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Golden Nymph awards, Golden Reel Awards, Hugo Awards, Saturn Award among many, many others.


The number of viewers increased significantly from an average of 2.5 million viewers of the first season to 18.4 million viewers in the fourth season and it had beaten The Sopranos for the record. The series holds a favourable score of 9.5/10 in IMDB. Entertainment Weekly applauded the “vivid, vital, and just plain fun” storytelling, The Hollywood Reporter affirmed that the series made a “strong case for being one of TV’s best series” and was compared with shows such as Breaking Bad and Mad Man.


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