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I don’t know how many of you have taken the “What colour is your personality” test, but for those who have, this article is especially for the GREENS, but not only. The greens are that kind of persons who know everything about everything. I’m sure you’ve met them before! They read, they ask, they discuss, they do everything it takes to stockpile as much information as they can. Greens, open up your minds for the following facts:
1. Do you remember Up, that awesome film with the flying-balloon house? What about the beginning scene where Charles Muntz stands on the same stage used in the short film Presto? You haven’t noticed? Check and see! They say the whole world is a stage that can be used over and over again in different films. Do you agree?
2. If you want your computer-animated film to look as realistic as possible, hire professionals to help you with it, as the Cars’ filmmakers did. They brought a sport director to help them with the racing scene look authentic. It was a win-win!
3. We all know WALL-E’s duty to gather the trash on Earth, right? Well, the movie that brought it to life, was first titled Trash Planet which…. makes sense.
4. Try to remember The Incredibles characters’ teeth. Now imagine that they actually belong to real-life people as the animators took pictures of their grins. I bet you are now laughing at the thought that Edna Mode’s teeth belong to a real person.
5. The kids of the animators supplied all the child screams in Monsters, Inc.

Cars 2

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