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Frozen Synapse will test your strategy and coordination skills quizzaciously. The turn-based video game was developed by Mode 7 Games, an independent German game developer, powered by Torque game engine and it was released on 26 May, 2011. The game was a commercial and critical success, with a gross of $1 million and over 230,000 downloads.

The game is set in a dystopian cyberpunk future where you will take on the role of a tactical commander as he attempts to fight against a corporate government regime. Your ace in the hole is the resistance faction and theirs is the power of manipulating the citizens. You will control a small number of soldiers armed with different weapons. Previous to each attack you will choose the commands that your soldiers will perform. Use your tactics and brain and try to defeat your enemies with one single turn. Yes, it’s a great, buy it, get it, play it, enjoy it. What’s there more to be said? Have fun!


Pcgamer’s Tom Francis gave the game a score of 89/100 describing it “An elegant game of pure tactics and psychology, won by wits instead of reflexes. Good against AI, great with friends”.


GameShark affirms “I’m hardly a hardcore strategy nerd, so maybe it’s the accessibility and surface-level depth I can get down with. I can’t wait to dig deeper to see what else I’ll enjoy about this topnotch turn-based masterpiece.”


Nathan Meunier of IGN scored the game with a favorable 8.5 out of ten which is more than average, stating “ Frozen Synapse delivers brisk tactical encounters that are loaded with risk and excitement. The subtle tension that builds as strategic plans are hashed out and executed simultaneously on the battlefield is priceless, resulting in a fresh, chaotic experience. You’ll want to dive into over and over again.”



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