Facts you didn’t know about: Kingsman

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Kingsman: The Secret Service was a much awaited movie of 2014. I personally have seen its trailer at the cinema preceding another movie and I was excited about it. The movie has an original idea about a spy organization that recruits an street kid who seems to have some special skills and the sparkle of a genius. The movie combines action with comedy and the result is marvelous. I’d say that I liked everything about this movie but the final scene where the participants of a party began exploding like they were some watermelons under pressure. Overall, the film was truly enjoyable.


Here are some facts you didn’t know about Kingsman:
1. Actor Colin Firth, in the role of the gentleman spy Galahad aka Harry Hart did 80% of his own stunts according to stunt coordinator and second unit director Bradley James Allan. He also worked out for nearly six months to be in top fighting shape and physical form.
2. And so did actress Sofia Boutella who had to undergo an intense training schedule to perform the part of Gazelle. Boutella has said: “They taught me Thai boxing, Taekwondo, and how to work with cables. Gazelle uses her legs to kill, so I had to learn different types of kicks. I’d never done anything like it before.”
3. If you watch the movie again, you will notice that all the action is framed centrally, your eyes never leave the centre of the frame.
4. A full Kingsman Secret Service menswear line was created and crafted especially for the film, with tailoring and manufacturing by some of Britain’s most elite, famous and trusted clothing brands.
5. When the Kingsman recruits are going through the basic training program, they still look good, and wear what are known as “siren suits.” These outfits were inspired by the one-piece garment famously worn by former English Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
(All the information and more can be found on imdb.com)


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