Every Thing Will Be Fine (2015)


Every Thing Will Be Fine is the movie that you want to watch on the fourth of December this year! The film tells the story of Thomas, a writer who accidentally drives over a boy, and for the next 12 years he examines the effect of the tragedy on his life and the boy’s family life. The drama film was directed by Wim Wenders, written by Bjørn Olaf Johannessen, and released this year on 10 February 2015 in Germany. It stars James Franco, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rachel McAdams and Marie-Josee Croze. It will subsequently be released in the North American theatres on December 4, 2015.


The film’s trailer looks so emotional that you’ll get all teary. You can watch the trailer below. Although it doesn’t seem to have won all the hearts of the German public, Every Thing Will Be Fine promises plenty of heart-breaking and mesmerizing scenes. So far, the film holds a modest score of 5.4/10 on IMDB. Hopefully in wont let us down and “we can only try to believe that there’s meaning to this”, as Charlotte Gainsbourg affirmed while watching the film’s premiere. Please let us know what are your expectations from this movie and how do you think it will be welcomed by the Americans and not only.
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