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Considered a time waster and goalless by the society, the gamer is actually an important pillar of it. Gamers are like a family, they work together, fight together, support each other, and most important, they have fun. Either you are a hard core gamer or just an occasional one, each and every gamer should:

1. Never say “it’s just a game”. It’s never just a game. It’s YOUR life in it!
2. Never play music through mic or headset. If somebody wants to hear music they listen to radio, go to concerts and so on. It’s annoying, pueril and you’ll get the “tosser” label. You don’t want that, do you?
3. Never touch the voice changer.
4. Know who Mario is.
5. Test Up down up down left right left right B A enter(start).
6. Be able to play in 1st person.
7. Never let friends play inverted.


8. Shoot them in the head… or at least try. You’ll get better.
9. Follow the objectives if you play a team based game, for game’s sake!
10. Know the history of gaming. If you don’t know where we come from, how do you want to understand where we are now?
11. Never buy games based on review scores.
12. Know that the PS3 controller has a staggering 17 buttons!
13. Know that there’s always something wrong with the multiplayer
14. Take a 15 minute break for every hour of gaming.
15. Know what “Nintendo Hard” means.

Check out this video about what gamers’ parents must know.


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