Do You Believe? Negative Review of the Negative Reviews



During my research on what movie I should review next, I came across the film ‘Do you Believe?’. After a few minutes of reading some comments and reviews on Youtube and some movies scoring websites, and looking for other recently released Christian movies, I noticed this general perception of the laic crowd commenting “another propaganda movie”, “christians are desperate nowadays” so on and so forth. Well you know what all you anti-Christianity blokes? Keep your hands off the  keyboard if you don’t agree with something because nobody asked for your opinion.

I am not trying to offend anybody, but if I do, I’ll assume that and keep going. Let me tell you something. The secular movies are the ones meant for propaganda. You are blind, you don’t see the negative influences on your lives. You don’t see on TV or in the newspapers people and kids committing suicide believing in these super-virtual-heroes who will come to rescue them, you know why? Because the moment you will see them you will begin questioning. And that’s not what they want! They don’t want you to think, they want you to be lazy ignorants who sit on your sofas while trolling on their “enemies”. You are their right hand, the marionettes. Christians are encouraged to search for answers so they know and understand what they believe in, you are not! You take their chewed food and swallow it.  

So what if Christians are desperate to spread their beliefs all over the world? They accomplish their purpose! So what if the Christian actors are not the best artists? Let them be less talented at acting but authentic and real in their relationships with the people and God! If they bring a person to Christ through their hard work, that will be considered success in this society infested with sin. They could not care less about your infantile comments. What do you get from posting them anyway? Do you feel satisfied? Well done, at least you did your pawn job perfectly!


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