Dean Cain’s Christmas Movies


The cold season of the year comes with plenty of spare time, the cozy atmosphere of Christmas and memorable movies. Dean Cain who brought us Superman back also stars in many Christmas movies… mostly with dogs. I don’t know about others but as for me, I love watching Christmas movies all the time, especially during the summer holiday because it reminds me about my favourite period of the year.


Here’s a list of Dean Cain’s Christmas Movies that I recommend you to watch with your family, lovers, friends. The movies are in chronological order. Let us know which is your favourite film starring Dean Cain or Christmas movie.

1. A Christmas Adventure… From A Book Called Wisely’s Tales (2001)

2. A Christmas Wedding (2006)

3. The Dog Who Saved Christmas (2009)

4. The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation (2010)

5. A Nanny For Christmas (2010)

6. The Case For Christmas (2011)

7. The Dog Who Saved The Holidays (2012)

8. Defending Santa (2013)

9. The Three Dogateers Save Christmas (2014)

10. Merry Ex-Mas (2014)


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