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There are three words that describe best the game Daylight: spooky, spooky and… um… spooky. It’s not hard to guess that I am going to talk about a horror game. Daylight is a psychological thriller survival video game developed by Zombie Studios, published by Altus and it was the first game powered by Unreal Engine 4. The engine heightens every detail of the maze that changes with every playthrough, feature that I dare to say it’s vital for a game that strives for success. It was released on April 29, 2014.
Once you enter the game’s world, you are wanted dead. Now that’s a great invitation to play the game! Good job Zombie Studios! Seriously speaking, people are attracted to this kind of games that activate their adrenaline. Are you one of them? If so, I should probably start calling you Sarah (the character’s name whom you will control). Well, Sarah, your grandma was a which. She is the reason why twelve witches spirits are trying to haunt you down. Are you still with me or did I scare you off? Wait to hear the rest.
You wake up in an abandoned hospital with no clue why you are there, until you start exploring it. Helped by a phone, glowsticks and flares, you will learn that twelve witches were killed and buried on the hospital’s grounds, with a thirteenth, your grandma,escaping death due to her betrayal of the other twelve. In an attempt to take revenge, the witches will follow your steps on the sinister corridors of the hospital and the adiacent prison. Your goal is to search for notes and logs in order to acquire the ‘sigil’, a semnificative item for the hospital’s history and progress to the next level and, implicitly, to freedom.
The game received mixed reviews upon its release. Gametrailers’ reviewer commented “Daylight’s potency is diminished by repetition and distraction, but when you have the chance to become truly engrossed in its shadows, it can really pull you in and make you jump, especially if you’re wearing a pair of headphones.”


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