Critical Opinions of The God of War Ascension


The action-adventure video game God of War Ascension looks absolutely brilliant! The successful game was developed by Santa Monica Studio, published by Sony Computer Entertainment and it was first release on March 12, 2013 exclusively for the PlayStation 3. God of War: Ascension is the seventh installment in the God of War series based on Greek mythology and set in ancient Greece. I haven’t played the game yet, because I wanted to make sure that the game is worth purchasing (or downloading) as it is a pretty huge game.


Ascension received generally positive reviews and as follows, I quoted some games critics who actually gave the game a try and I hope you’ll find their experience useful.
Gamespot’s Mark Walton scored the game 8.0/10 applauding the single-player mode saying that it is “where you should spend your time. No, it doesn’t quite reach the audacious and rage-filled moments of God of War: Ascension’s predecessors, nor does it move the series forward in any way, but it’s skilfully put together, and wonderfully satisfying to play. The mix of Greek mythology and lurid schoolboy fantasy still manages to simultaneously charm and gross out all at once, and that’s a trait few games can boast, let alone execute with such confidence. Not to mention Ascension looks stunning, from the lighting effects that make for moody encounters in darkened dungeons, to the detail that has been thrown into each and every stab of a knife, and each drop of blood that flows from a downed enemy’s recently spilled guts. Yes, it’s all very juvenile, but boy is it fun.” (


Alex Simmons of IGN gave the game a score of 7.9 commenting “Difficulty throughout is, for the most part, balanced and well-considered. Checkpoints are in abundance and health chests are generously scattered around, so much so this is probably the easiest of all the God of War games overall. But at times Ascension takes challenge to the next level – not necessarily by making enemies tougher to kill, but by throwing so many bad guys on screen it’s hard to actually figure out what’s going on. Dying in such situations feels cheap and frustrating.” (


Last. but not least, the most impressed with the game is Sebastiaan Quekel of XGN stated “God of War: Ascension does exactly what you would expect from a God of War title.The sheer amount of violence and tension is simply breathtaking, especially when taking place right on top of a giant creature. The entire experience is accompanied by stunning graphics and an impressive soundtrack. While the multiplayer is somewhat disappointing, it is apparent that Kratos is still this generation’s most fearsome warrior.” (


I am kindly inviting you to share your experience and impressions on God of War: Ascension in the comment section below!


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