Concussion- The Illness of the Society


Let me tell you my opinion on Concussion. Although I have only seen its trailer, I can tell what the movie is about, and so can you: the sickness of society. I’ll develop this idea immediately. I want you to do one thing: go watch this movie, ignore its shortcomings but let its message reach to you. Once you do this, share it with others.


The producers dressed the premise of this movie in a sport uniform, but it’s deeper than that. Social media kills. How? It shows what it wants to show. It excludes the most essential (I know this is a pleonasm, but just want to emphasize my idea) truths about the things that If we knew, less people would die. This film depicts the idea that the American football’s effects on players are damaging, leading to death. But the sport keep the supporters in front of the TV one day a week. ONE DAY A WEEK! So what if people get sick? They can’t just give up on it considering that it brings a large amount of money into their pockets. And it’s not just sports. Everything shown on the TV HAS its dark side. Peter Landesman shows us a glimpse about the negative aspect. It’s your duty to discover others.


Following its former release in November 10, 2015 at the AFI Fest, critics have applauded the premise of this movie, as well as Will Smith’s remarkable performance.


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