Christmas Movies Marathon

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How to have a Christmas movies marathon? Well, that’s not a difficult question to answer. Firstly, empty your schedule. Everybody has a few days free, if not weeks, during Christmas season, so we can consider that done. Make sure you have your cleaning, cookies and the fireplace all sorted out. Then you can go to the next step. Call your friends and tell them to come over with some PJ’s and changing clothes, but don’t tell them what you are planning to do. Then get the best Christmas movies (check the list below), warm up some hot chocolate and wait for them to arrive.
Undoubtedly, Christmas can’t exist without movies based on baby Jesus Christ’s birth story, Home Alone movies, Narnia and love stories. Here’s a list of the most watched films of this kind:

1. Nativity Story Birth
Probably the most faithful movie of the Biblical story of the before, during and after the birth of Jesus.

2. Home Alone 1
Can you believe that the movie dates back in the ‘90? Home Alone series are by far the most watched films on Christmas days, and rightly they are. Their stories are funny, emotional and suspenseful, exactly what you need during the holidays. With no further additions, you can watch their trailers below.

3. Home Alone 2

4. Home Alone 3

5. Home Alone 4
I watched this one every single day for a whole summer when I was younger. Way younger.

6. The Chronicles of Narnia

Although the film isn’t about Christmas, it delivers that cozy atmosphere that you need during winter. I highly recommend it.


7. Serendipity

A decent, funny and emotional story of two strangers who let the Christmas spirit be their Cupid. Perfect for a cold Saturday night.


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