Chris Hemsworth’s Dramatic Weight Loss


Chris Hemsworth’s Dramatic Weight Loss went around the world and shocked every person who was familiar to the muscular constitution of the Thor-impersonating actor. From a well shaped body, to a bag of bones covered with skin, this is one of the dark sides of being an actor: the sacrifice. “Chris Hemsworth has gone from superhero to shipwrecked.” says Luchina Fisher of He can be easily mistaken due to the 500 calories per day diet. He dropped more than 7 kilograms for the role he plays, a man shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean for 90 days.


Now, if you compare the before and after pictures, you can clearly see that he is more than 7 kgs skinnier, right?



Chris actually lost a heavier total of kilograms if we count in the ones he dropped for the Blackhat movie.

He admitted that the whole process was an emotional battle and he wouldn’t recommend it. “Transforming physically had such an effect on us emotionally, which we were all going through. It kind of bonded us, in a way that I think we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. You know, we felt like it was us against the world, or us against anyone who was well fed.” the 32-year-old actor said.


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