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How to Speak Gamer

10 Dec, 2015 Games 2,349 views 2 0

The world has been “infested” with a new virus which causes a high number of victims. The main symptoms or the side effects are the following: intolerance to sun exposure or any kind of natural light, … Read More »

Every Gamer Should…

9 Dec, 2015 Games 2,205 views 1 0

Considered a time waster and goalless by the society, the gamer is actually an important pillar of it. Gamers are like a family, they work together, fight together, support each other, and most important, they have … Read More »

Fallout 4- DEALS

7 Dec, 2015 Games 1,744 views 0 0

It’s crazy how Fallout games evolved and how popular the fourth entry in the series became amongst gamers of all age, nationality and gender. Either you want to get it for yourself, or give it as … Read More »

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