Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: Civil War is getting ready, with small steps, for the big release on the sixth of May, 2016. Jimmy Kimmel Live Youtube channel has recently released its teaser trailer and it looks MARVELous! We can see right away the Black Panther in his vibranium suite. He’s going to be so badass! Then we have War Machine in an awesome new costume teaming up with Iron Man no matter what. One of the iconic moments of the trailer is the one featuring Captain America and Bucky double teaming Iron Man. Spider Man doesn’t seem to appear in the teaser trailer, but we can expect to see him in the next one(s). Neither do we have Hulk in this trailer, but who knows? Maybe they will create a movie dedicated to him, exclusively, any time soon.


But we have Ant-Man, Black Widow (in a new costume, as well), Martin Freeman (playing a government character). I’m rather curious to find out what the political situation is, and because this is Civil War it will probably not end up well. As we have seen so far in the trailer, everybody is after Bucky. Is that because of the information that get out about all the shady stuff he did when he was part of Hydra. He was indeed an assassin for a long time, he goes all the way back to Kennedy, so wouldn’t the US government go after the one who killed one of the presidents? He’s also known for killing Iron Man’s parents so maybe that’s one of the reasons Tony Stark fights against him and Captain America.
I personally am eager to see the next trailers of the movie and the movie itself, of course. Until then, let me know what was your favourite part of the trailer and why! Stay tune for more information.


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