Beyond: Two Souls PS 4

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Beyond: Two Souls is the sequel that all the PlayStation 4 owners are looking forward for its release. And no wonder they are because the PlayStation 3 version of the game proved to be a remarkable success. Believe me, this is by far the most emotional game you have ever played!


Taking on the role of Jodie Holmes, you will be her companion throughout a series of high pressure moments such as helping a woman to give birth, saving your comrades of journey and last but not least, trying to control Aiden, Jodie’s inner mysterious entity.  Through this supernatural being, Jodie can communicate and perform telepathic acts which consists her ace in the hole as it gives her the ability of moving objects and possessing people’s minds. More than that, Aiden, whom you can control as well, walks through walls and protect Jodie from death.


When during an incident with some neighbourhood kids, Aiden almost killed a child, Jodie is left in permanent custody of doctors Cole Freeman and NAthan Dawkins of the fictional US Department of Paranormal Activity. Helped by them, the young girl will learn to control Aiden and the powers they both have. But anytime the teenage Jodie tried to seek her independence in order to live a normal life, Aiden intervened, ending in disaster. Jodie gets CIA’s attention and sent on different missions with Ryan, a field agent to whom she becomes attracted. Jodie finds out that during a mission in Somalia she killed the innocent benign president of the country. She then runs from the CIA but recaptured later. The chain of events will take you on unimagined adventures that I don’t want to spoil now.


The awesome interactive drama action-adventure game is in development by the ingenious French creator Quantic Dream, published by Sony Computer Entertainment but its date of release hasn’t been announced yet. The Playstation 4 version version will be bigger than its predecessor, following Jodie’s chronological events and I personally can’t wait to play it.   


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