Best Movies Based on Comics


There is a heavy culture hooked on the word “Comics”. More and more people seem to find passion in this medium of expressing thoughts, emotions and ideas via images combined with text. It all started in the mid-20th century when comics flourished in the US, western Europe and Japan. What people don’t know is that the Japanese comics and manga origins back in the early 12th century. How cool is that? The history of European comics is linked to Rodolphe Töpffer’s cartoon strips of the 1830s, and it bloomed following the remarkable success of “The Adventures of Tintin” book in the 1930s. American comics are focused more on the superhero genre after Superman appeared in 1938. Osamu Tezuka is the name of the cartoonists who brought Japan world-wide recognition.
Now that we have a broad image of the Comics position in time and space, we can move forward to what are believed to be the best movies inspired by comic books.

1. Akira appears on the first place in all the lists of the best comic book movies, and I don’t dare to deny its value. It was published by Movie Review Query Engine, Total Film and Film4, and it was released in 1988, in Japan.

2. The Dark Knight Trilogy, 2005, 2008, 2012, USA

3. Death Note, 2006, Japan

4. Ghost in the Shell, 1995, Japan

5. Oldboy, 2005, South Korea

Old Boy

6. The Avengers, 2012, USA

7. The Incredibles, 2014, USA

8. Persepolis, 2007, France, United States, Iran

9. Spider-Man 2, 2004, USA

10. X2, 2003, USA


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