58 Sims and more to come (part one)

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If we counted all games and their extensions, the number would be around to one hundred. You can see in the list below the chronological order of all the main games. I must say that if they are newer, it doesn’t mean they are better. It is true that the latest games have more features but the best games are somewhere in the first half, when the awesome Sims 2 came out. So here we go:

1. The Sims, February 4, 2000


It was the first game to feature no primary objectives and goals, but only to organize your characters’ lives so they can reach their goals and succeed to the best of their abilities. The game offered pre-made characters as well as the chance to create more Sims. You can customize your character in terms of name and biography, gender, skin colour, age, head and body, and personality. You are given $20,000 to buy and decorate your house with anything you want and need such as a TV, bathroom stuff, PC, furniture, fridge, cooker and others.

2. The Sims: Livin’ Large, August 27, 2000


The game had new features such as new careers options, zombies and multiple neighbourhoods.

3. The Sims: House Party, March 28, 2001


New features: campfires, parties in your house, new music, new costumes, new building themes.

4. The Sims: Hot Date, November 14, 2001


New features: take your Sim to a date, new objects, new interactions, interests and Miss Crumplebottom who will poke and smack you with her purse when you get too romantic in public.

5. Vacation, March 25, 2002


New features: a vacation neighbourhood, Sandcastle kits, carnival games, snowman kits, tents, igloos, souvenirs and many other cool objects.

6. Unleashed, September 25, 2002


New features: pet beds, pet toys, baths, bowls, non-playing characters, new families, careers (Education, Circus, Family Care, Culinary, Fashion), you can adopt pets, inventory for vegetables and pet treats.

7. The Sims Online, December 17, 2002


A massively multiplayer online game for PC users.

8.Superstar, May 15, 2003


New features: careers (supermodel, singer, actor), new objects, new characters (Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol), new TV channels, Studio Town.

9. Makin’ Magic, October 28, 2003


New Features: MagiCoins, building themes, beehive, butter churn, spinning wheel, spell books, magic towns, new characters.

10. The Sims 2, September 2004


New features: 8 life stages, with a time limit before your Sim dies. The Sims now game fears, wants and Aspirations. New awesome neighbourhoods. The game has sold 13 million copies.


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