400 Tonnes of Snow for Spectre


Specter costed a fortune. The budget is estimated between $245-300 million and here are some of the reasons:
1. Due to the unseasonal weather, the scene filmed in Austria was the most challenging one, lacking in ice and snow, the needed set for it. In order to cover the hillside, the production had to make 400 tonnes of fake snow.
2. Specter is the first time Aston Martin build a specific car for a Bond movie. All the Aston Martin cars appearing in the previous Bond movies of the franchise were available for public purchase. The car built for Specter is a DB10, the coolest concept car ever. A total of ten were built, eight were used for filming while the other two were build for promotion.
3. 107 makeup artists have been employed to get 15.000 actors ready for the parade and 75 costume designers for 15.000 different outfits, including six paper dresses which took three weeks each to make. A team of 20 people were needed to clean and repair the costumes overnight for the next day shoot.
4. Filming took seven months in different locations such as Mexico City, London, Rome, Austria and others.
5. The action scene filmed in Austria was quite complex. While only one airplane can be seen in the movie, in reality, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould needed eight different planes to pull off the stunt.

Let me know in the comments section below which act do you think is the best Bond and why. Who would you like to be the next 007 agent after Daniel Craig?



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